What Should You Not Say To A Photographer?

How do you praise a photographer?

Born to be Wild– Animal Photo Comments The photo looks real.

The great choice of background made the subject stand out.

The photographer clearly made extra effort to capture this photo from the perfect angle.

This perfectly-timed photo looks like it took a lot of patience and skill – definitely the work of a pro!.

Do photographers sleep with their models?

Yes, but it’s fairly rare. Sometimes it’s consensual, sometimes the model is coerced due to naivete, but with agents making sure their “products” (cynical, but true) are always in good shape, literally and figuratively, the girls always have a modicum of protection.

How much is an hour photography session?

Photography RatesTypeAverage RateHourly Rate$100 – $250Day Rate$300 – $3,000Packages$150 – $500Mini-Session$100 – $1751 more row

How do I comment on a photo?

Also, you can go through these lovely comments and appropriately appreciate her.Irresistible!You’re energetic, aren’t ya?Impressive pic.Strong and confident.The picture is lit!Loadsa Elegance.Vibes everywhere!The most stunning thing I’ve seen today.More items…•

What do you say to a photographer?

5 Things You Should Always Say To Your Photography ClientsTheir name. Did you know the word people love hearing more than any other word? … Your name. You should especially say it to the kids, because chances are, they didn’t book you and haven’t been communicating with you beforehand. … Something {specific} about how they look. … Conversation Starters. … Thank You.

How long does it take for a photographer to edit photos?

“The short answer to this: it depends. On average, I return photos to clients within three days, and for personal projects, it can take up to a month. I’m a headshot photographer in Los Angeles, so I spend a TON of time retouching. I’d say the most significant issue when it comes to photo editing time is retouching.

How do you compliment a wedding photographer?

The photos are amazing, you kept us really calm and relaxed, they are lovely natural photos as well as beautiful poses. Thank you so much for all the you have done to capture the special moments of our wedding day. The pictures are absolutely beautiful, and we have enjoyed sharing them all with our family and friends.

Is it rude to ask photographer for pictures?

It’s not rude to ask – once. I would wait the full month to ask. If you ask she might feel rushed and might not take the care she needs to edit your photos. Just remember to be very nice when asking.

How do you tell a photographer you don’t like the photos?

As a photographer, I would suggest you tell them straight up. Simply send them a message saying that you enjoyed working with them (if you did) but that the work isn’t what you’re looking for.

Why photographers don’t give you all the photos?

If you ask a photographer if they can give you the entire set of unedited RAW photos from a shoot, there’s a very good chance they’re going to say no. No, it’s not because they don’t want you to have all your memories — it’s because they only want to deliver their very best finished work.

How long should a photographer keep photos?

How long do photographers keep your photos? Well, that depends. There is no rule, it’s completely up to the individual photographer and their business model. It could be a few days to thirty years, or more.

How do you know if photography is for me?

9 signs you’re a good photographerYou know it’s the photographer that makes the image, not the camera. You’ll happily get the shot on your phone because you don’t have your kit with you. … You have your photos backed up in 2 places, one offsite. … You always have a personal project on the go. … You know that all digital images need editing.

What should you never ask a photographer?

5 Questions NOT to ask your Photographer!#1 Can I have all of the photos you take? Or can we have the raw/unedited files? … #2 Can you photoshop _____? … #3 What camera/equipment do you use? … #4 Can you change your style for our session? … #5 Do you charge less if you shorten the length of the session or if I only need a few photos?

What is another way to say nice picture?

nice photo / synonymsnice picture. n.beautiful picture. n.good picture. n.great picture. n.good photo. n.great shot. n.pretty picture. n.great photo. n.More items…

How do you thank a photographer?

#7 Thank you for your professionalism and patience with all of us during the photography portion of the day. Thank you for the lovely pictures and for bearing with such a fussy bunch. #8 Thank you so much for taking my Senior Pictures. I am absolutely thrilled with the end results, which are exceptional.