What Does Cheesing It Mean?

What does Cheesing mean in text?

Cheese is also a type of weed, if someone says that they are ‘cheesing’ it would mean that they are getting high, or stoned..

What does Cheesin mean?

when someone takes a picture with a camera, they pretend to smile. I think in old American slang, cheesin’ = smiling. See a translation. Report copyright infringement.

What does Cheesing mean in gaming?

(in a game, especially a video game) to win (a battle round) by using a strategy that requires minimal skill and knowledge or that exploits a glitch or flaw in game design: He cheesed the fight by trapping his enemy in the environment and attacking without taking damage.

Can you really get high from cat urine?

Mr. Mackey explains that urine used by male cats to mark their territory in the presence of other male cats can cause one to become intoxicated when inhaled.

How do you spell teasing?

verb (used without object), teased, teas·ing. to provoke, disturb, torment, or bully a person or animal with persistent annoyances or harassment.

What does Cheesing hard mean?

slang In video games, to reduce an opponent’s or enemy’s health by deliberately and repeatedly using moves that are difficult or impossible for them to block.

Does cheese mean smile?

“Say cheese” is an English-language instruction used by photographers who want their subject or subjects to smile. By saying “cheese”, most people form their mouths into what appears to be a smile-like shape.

What does Cheesin mean Dunkin Donuts?

The special holiday cups say Cheersin’, which the company announced with a unique holiday jingle. The word is a “playful combination of cheers and Dunkin’, symbolizing coming together in both celebration and appreciation.”

What does cheese mean in lol?

Cheese is taking something in the game that you feel is not ‘balanced’ or can be taken advantage of easily to win the game.

What does Cheesing a boss mean?

In the video gaming world, the word “cheese” is used to describe strategies and ways to defeat opponents that require no skill on the part of the player. … Undeserved victories and cheap strategies are especially interesting when applied to boss fights.

What does calling a game mean?

V prep/adv. 12 verb To call a game or sporting event means to cancel it, for example because of rain or bad light.