Question: What Was 40 Vision About Galesburg Town?

How does the narrator describe Galesburg Illinois?

The narrator states that Galesburg, Illinois, is a wonderful town with big old frame houses, huge lawns and big trees.

In 1894, it reflected a world of romance, leisure, freeness and repose.

Summer evenings were twice as long.

The people sat out on their lawns..

What was Sam’s answer to Charley’s dilemma?

Explanation: Charley went to his psychiatrist friend Sam and told him about this experience. The psychiatrist interpreted his experience as a mental disorder, because of his hobby of stamp collection and these kinds of experiences.

How does Sam describe Galesburg?

Answer Expert Verified Sam liked life in Galesburg very much. The life was quite idyllic and peaceful. He had been there for just two weeks and he had felt so much comfortable. People there had plenty of time for themselves.

What does the third level symbolize?

Answer: The third level refers to the Grand Central Station subway which will carry passengers to Galesburg, Illinois. The station’s third stage was a means of relief from the harsh realities of everyday life for Charley, the narrator. It provided him with a foundation where fantasy and reality could be interwoven.

Why do you think the narrator wanted to go to Galesburg Illinois?

The narrator was so burdened by the tensions and stress of modern life that he thought of escaping to the peaceful world of Galesburg. He wished he could escape from the insecurity, fear, war, worry and tension of the modern world by doing that.

What is the moral of the story the third level?

In today’s busy and overburdened life every individual wants some recreation and relaxation. This relaxation is possible only in his dreams and not in real life So in the prose the shadowyeerie world that lies somewhere between dreams, desires and reality is what poet calls ‘THE THIRD LEVEL’.

What is the summary of the third level?

Third Level Summary – It is a story about a 31-year-old man name, Charlie. Besides, this is a psychological story that refers to the subway at the grand central railway station which takes passengers to Galesburg. In addition, this subway becomes the interconnection between the narrator’s harsh reality and fantasy.

What is Charley trying to escape?

Answer: Charley was undergoing stress; he wanted to escape reality and hated the way the modern world is progressing where no one cared about each other. He wanted to go back to 1894 when the world was different. Charley talks about this to his psychiatrist, Sam.

How did Sam reach Galesburg?

Answer: The letter says, Sam wanted to believe Charley. Then he actually found the third level. This romantic world with a prospect to escape from the harshness of the present allured him and he bought eight hundred dollars worth of old style currency and reached Galesburg where someone was playing a piano.

How does the story begins the third level?

The Third level story begins in a serious manner. In the third level station, Charlie finds everything strange. The station was filled with old and smaller things.

What was Sam invited for according to the letter the third level?

Answer: Sam Weiner had invited the narrator to the third level. It was worth it. It added that it was true, there existed the third level and he had found that.

What was Charley’s vision about Galesburg town?

What was Charley’s vision about Galesburg town? Answer: Charley thought that Galesburg was still a wonderful town.

What do you learn about Galesburg Illinois during 1895?

Galesburg Illinois is still a wonderful town with big old frame houses, huge lawns and tremendous trees. … The people sat out on their lawns. The men smoked cigars and talked quickly. The women sat in leisure waving palm-leaf fans.

What was the strangest thing at the third level?

Answer: The new corridors and tunnels were trying to reach Times Squares and Central Park. But he lost his way and reached the Third Level. The strangest thing was the corridor that had led into the past.

Did Sam really go to Galesburg?

Answer: Sam’s letter is a proof of his having reached the third level and of having been transported to Galesburg of 1894. … But we are not sure that Sam’s letter is a mere figment of Charley’s imagination just like the third level or has he really transported to Galesburg of 1894.

What is the significance of 1894 in this lesson?

Answer. Explanation: The archaic manner of dressing by the people and the newspaper, The World, dated June 11, 1894 also overlap with Charley’s real time world and existence. Finally, the letter that was mailed to Charley’s Grandfather on 18 July, 1894 highlights the intersection of time and space.

Does the third level exist?

There does not exist any third level. … The third level refers to the subway of the Grand Central Station that takes passengers to Galesburg, Illinois. The third level on the station was a medium of escape for Charley, the narrator from the harsh realities of modern life.

What is the irony in the third level?

When he tries to find the third level again, he can’t. His friend Sam disappears, and he knows he’s in the third level. The irony is that Sam is his psychiatrist, the one he has been telling about the third level, the one who tells him it doesn’t exist.