Question: What Means Legible?

Why is legibility so important?

Legibility is mostly a function of typeface design.

It’s a measure of how easy it is to recognize one letter or word from another and how easy blocks of text are to read.

It’s about how inviting your type is to read and about getting the viewer to want to read it..

What is another word for not legible?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for illegible, like: obscured, difficult to read, indecipherable, legible, faint, unreadable, unintelligible, scribbled, scrawled, crabbed and hieroglyphic.

What is bad handwriting called?

DysgraphiaDysgraphia is a deficiency in the ability to write, primarily handwriting, but also coherence. Dysgraphia is a transcription disability, meaning that it is a writing disorder associated with impaired handwriting, orthographic coding, and finger sequencing (the movement of muscles required to write).

What is another word for legible?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for legible, like: neat, readable, clear, discernible, recognizable, illegible, apparent, decipherable, distinct, understandable and unreadable.

What is the difference between legible and readable?

What’s the Difference Between Readability and Legibility? Readability is the arrangement of fonts and words in order to make written content flow in a simple, easy to read manner. Legibility refers to how easily distinguishable the letters in a typesetting or font are from one another.

What makes legible type?

“The legibility of a typeface is related to the characteristics inherent in its design … which relate to the ability to distinguish one letter from the other.” Aspects of type design that affect legibility include “x-height, character shapes, stroke contrast, the size of its counters, serifs or lack thereof, and weight …

What makes a typeface readable?

The most legible typefaces are also restrained. They are not excessively light or bold, weight changes within character strokes are subtle, and serifs, if the face has them, do not call attention to themselves. Counters, the white space within letters such as ‘o,’ ‘e,’ ‘c,’ etc., help to define a character.

What is the opposite of legible?

What is the opposite of legible?illegibleincoherentunreadablevagueindecipherablescrawledscribbledundecipherablesquigglyfaint18 more rows

What means distinct?

distinct, separate, discrete mean not being each and every one the same. distinct indicates that something is distinguished by the mind or eye as being apart or different from others. two distinct versions separate often stresses lack of connection or a difference in identity between two things.

What does the word decipherable mean?

If something is decipherable, you can figure it out. Your dad’s handwriting is terrible, but with a little work his note is decipherable. When you need to untangle clues or decode mysterious messages, you have to decipher them.

What does being a bachelor mean?

A bachelor is a man who is not and has never been married.

What means eligible?

adjective. fit or proper to be chosen; worthy of choice; desirable: to marry an eligible bachelor. meeting the stipulated requirements, as to participate, compete, or work; qualified. legally qualified to be elected or appointed to office: eligible for the presidency.

Does eligible mean guaranteed?

Eligible Guarantee means an unconditional and irrevocable guarantee, letter of credit or other arrangement that is provided by a party as principal obligor rather than surety and is directly enforceable by Party B.

What does not legible mean?

not legible; impossible or hard to read or decipher because of poor handwriting, faded print, etc.: This letter is completely illegible.

What does Unlegible mean?

: not legible : indecipherable illegible writing.

What does intercede mean?

intransitive verb. : to intervene between parties with a view to reconciling differences : mediate.

What is the best definition of eligible?

1a : qualified to participate or be chosen eligible to retire. b : permitted under football rules to catch a forward pass. 2 : worthy of being chosen an eligible young bachelor. eligible. plural eligibles.

What is the meaning of legible?

1 : capable of being read or deciphered : plain legible handwriting.

What does Matador mean?

: a bullfighter who has the principal role and who kills the bull in a bullfight.

What does legible copy mean?

“Legible” means it can easily be read, not distorted, as fine as possible. In short, a VERY GOOD photocopy of the original. The copies don’t need to be notarized.

Which Cannot be read is called?

Answer: The word which cannot be read is illegible. Explanation: Illegible means something that is not clear enough to be read properly.