Question: What Is Considered A Valley Girl?

What’s considered the valley?

The San Fernando Valley (known locally and in surrounding areas as “The Valley” ) is an urbanized valley located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area of southern California, defined by the mountains of the Transverse Ranges circling it..

What are the sides of a valley called?

A valley has a “head” where it begins in the mountains or hills, “sides” where it rises up on either side, a “floor” which is where the valley is most flat. Some valleys have an “entrance” where the valley opening can be seen between two hills or mountains or cliffs.

What is the valley known for?

The valley is well known for its iconic film studios such as Warner Bros. Studio and Walt Disney Studios. In addition, it is home to the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park.

What are some valley girl sayings?

14 Valley Girl Insults From The 1980’s We Should Like, Totally Bring Back“Grody” Is there a word that is more fun to say than grody? … “Bag your face” This is the 80’s version of “shut up” but it’s much more fun. … “Barf me out” … “Take a chill pill” … “Doy” … “Noid” … Psych!” … “Gag me with a spoon”More items…•

Is it possible to have no accent?

An accent is a way of pronouncing a language. It is therefore impossible to speak without an accent. Some people may think they do not have an accent. … People do not have a single fixed accent which is determined by their experiences.

What does a Valley girl look like?

A slight rise in pitch at the end of a sentence may be the most defining characteristic of a Valley girl, referring to the stereotypical ditzy, young, well-to-do, white women from the San Fernando Valley in southern California.

How does a Valley Girl Talk?

Valley girl talk, a style of talking marked by a rise in pitch at the end of sentences, seems to be spreading throughout Southern California and elsewhere. … The uptalk is, like, totally ubiquitous amongst native Southern Californians of all demographics, including males, new research shows.

Why do I sound like a Valley Girl?

Sounding like a Valley Girl could mean that you pronounce some of your vowels in a modified way (for example, “hat” sounds like “hot”), or you end phrases and sentences with a rise in pitch, sounding like you are questioning and uncertain (uptalk or upspeak).