Question: Is Brookfield Zoo Safe?

Do you have to wear a mask at Brookfield Zoo?

All guests ages 2 and over must wear face coverings when entering the zoo.

Once inside, face coverings should be worn if you are not able to maintain a social distance of at least six feet from staff and other guests who are not members of the same family..

Does Brookfield Zoo sell beer?

Choose from fountain drinks, water, juice, coffee, and a selection of beers.

Does Brookfield Zoo have elephants?

The zoo currently does not have even a single elephant, the enclosures for the lions and tigers is ridiculously small for such majestic, space-craving animals.

Is it safe to go to Brookfield Zoo?

According to Brookfield Zoo, guest capacity will be limited to ensure safe, social distancing within the 216-acre park. Reservation times will be available in 20-minute increments. Everyone must reserve and secure a ticket online before visiting.

Can you bring a cooler to Brookfield Zoo?

The zoo allows you to bring everything BUT alcohol, so do it! Even roller coolers are allowed. Pack easy snacks, lunchables, juice boxes, chips, fruit, pop, lots of water, etc… It’ll save you the expensive prices and long lines at the kiosks in the park.

What days are free at Brookfield Zoo?

FREE DAYS: Each Tuesday and Thursday in November, as well as every Monday and Tuesday in December through 12/22, are FREE ADMISSION DAYS at Brookfield Zoo. Reserve these tickets as you would for any other day, but you will see a price of $0.00 for all admissions.

Can you bring snacks to the zoo?

You can take any personal food into the Zoo that a single person can carry, within reason. … You should have no trouble taking food inside the Zoo if: Food is pre-prepared and ready to eat. Consumption is unlikely to disturb their animals or other guests.

How much is parking at Brookfield Zoo?

Parking. Parking is $14 including tax. Metra has a Zoo stop. The zoo is two blocks from the Metra Zoo stop (Hollywood).

Is Brookfield Zoo closing?

Brookfield Zoo is open to all members and guests. We have also made the difficult decision to temporarily close the zoo to the public from January 1 through and including February 28, 2021. We plan to reopen to the public on March 1, within state restrictions.