Question: How Do I Use EZ Link Wallet?

FairPrice stores will accept payment via EZ-Link stored value cards, which include the PAssion Silver Card and PAssion Silver Concession Card..

In the second quarter of this year, customers at Cheers convenience stores can top up their ez-link card with the change they get when they pay in cash. … They can do so by tapping on Nets contactless payment terminals at these stalls.

Why does my contactless not work on the bus?

Some of the reasons why a card may not work include: The card is outside of the validity dates i.e. expired. The card is not a contactless card. The card is not accepted e.g. American Express.

1. You can download the EZLink app to check balance & top up onlinePerform a quick EZLink balance check.Check the transaction history of each EZLink card.Disable a lost EZLink card.Enable EZLink auto top up i.e. EZ-Reload.[Only for NFC-enabled phones] Top up your EZLink card.

It’s pretty welcomed news that 7-Eleven allows you to purchase their items using your ezlink card. Just know that there’s no ez-reload available. Oh, for those who pay their bills with 7-Eleven, sorry but you can only pay your bill with cash. What’s even better, you can do the same at 7-Eleven @ Shell stations.

To use the service, commuters simply tap the fare gantries or card readers with their Mastercard or mobile phone, which must already have Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay installed.

The EZ-Link Wallet is a personal mobile wallet within the EZ-Link App that allows you to conveniently make payments at retail outlets in Singapore by scanning a SGQR Code or overseas at Alipay Connect merchants.

Top up Credit/Debit Cards (with Ez-Link Function)Insert your ATM/Debit/Credit Card.Key in your 6-Digit Card PIN.Select More Services followed by NETS FlashPay/Cashcard/Ez-link/Concession Card.Select Ez-link card followed by Continue.Select Top-up and select the Account you wish to use.More items…

The EZ-Link mobile app is a pretty easy way for you to manage your EZ-Link card (or cards, you baller). You need to register for an account with your NRIC and then add your EZ-Link cards to it by entering their 16-digit CAN number on the back. Cards that are linked to your NRIC should simply appear on the screen too.

You may apply for an online replacement here. You may apply for an immediate replacement at any Concession Card Replacement Office. Or simply download TL SimplyGo mobile app for the full suite of e-Services. You may also get an immediate lost card replacement at the TransitLink Kiosk.

Taxis and private transport EZ Link card payment is accepted by the following taxis: all upgraded Comfort & CityCab. Premier Taxis. SMRT Taxis.

You can now pocket your favorite coffee vibes everywhere you go, with Starbucks new Limited Edition EZ-Link cards.

Turn on Double-Click Side Button option under Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay. Doing so will make your cards appear by double-clicking the side button. You can set the card as your Express Transit Card and the card will appear when you tap the sensor with your phone, but you might already be holding up the queue.

Get a refund or transfer of value for your EZ-Link/NETS FlashPay cards at any TransitLink Ticket Office if you have lost or damaged your card. Visit any TransitLink Ticket Office and present your card to terminate EZ-Reload for refund.

What can the EZLink card be used for? EZ-Link can be used for all public transportation fares like public buses, MRT, and SBST & SMRT LRT trains. … Private taxis and private buses. Vending machines, photocopying and printing services.

Can use Apple pay for MRT?

Now, Apple Pay users will not just be able to shop using their mobile wallet, but now they can also take public transport using the service. … Simply place the phone or watch near the card reader on buses and MRT trains, and your details will be scanned.

The EZ-Link Wallet allows you to make payments conveniently at local and overseas retail merchants. Simply scan an SGQR Code or visit an Alipay Connect merchant. You also get to earn EZ-Link Rewards points for all your digital wallet transactions!