Question: Does Builder Boost Work On Heroes?

Does Book of fighting work on spells?

Pekka is not a spell, but a troop, book of fighting is the correct book.

The Book of Spells is specifically for finishing Spells that are being upgraded, not Troops..

Is Book of Building worth it?

The Book of Building is great for upgrades that needs 14 days to complete, and the Builder Potion helps reduce time on Buildings/Heroes upgrade, it’s more worthwhile if you have all your Builders busy in my opinion. Also, check the Trader every deal rotation, sometimes he offers a free Training Potion.

How much time does a builder potion take off an upgrade?

Simple: If you use 1 potion, it takes off the current employed builder 9 hours for the next hour. If you have only 1 builder busy you will get a 9 hour gain, and if you have 5 builders busy you will get 45 hours gain.

Can Book of Everything upgrade heroes?

Book of Everything can be used for hero upgrade, but it would appear the game forces you to use the “least valuable” book you have available that will do the job.

Can you stack boost builder potions?

Sorry, Wotanwaton is correct: builder potion do not stack (increase boost), they add-up in time only. I have added up to 10 at same time, boosted 10x for 10 hours (not 100x for 1h ).

How fast is the clock tower boost?

Clock Tower multiplier has been increased from 8x to 10x. Clock Tower boost duration has been increased from 3-11 minutes to 14-30 minutes (Clock Tower Potion’s duration remains at 30 minutes).

Is Book of Heroes worth 500 gems?

It’s worth it if you would otherwise gem. Above level 15 it takes 7 days or 1K gems to wake the heroes. Once you’ll reach a week upgradetime, the book will be a 50% discount if bought at 500 gems. I personally wouldn’t waste your gems whilst you still have baby heros.

What does 10x faster mean?

Builders work at 10x their normal speed under the potion, so 10 seconds of game progress happens for every 1 second of real time. So basically each potion saves you 9 hours of build time (10 game-hours of progress over 1 real-hour).

Can you use 2 builder potions at once?

You can use them all at once, and they’ll give you 3 consecutive hours of boost.

Does the book of building work on Heroes?

The Book of Building allows the player to instantly complete any building upgrade within the Home Village or Builder Base. It can be applied to any building, as well as any traps. However, it cannot be applied to Hero upgrades or any upgrades within the Laboratory. It can be purchased for 925 Gems and sold for 50 Gems.

How good is builder potion?

While its true you can dump resources into walls, the builder potion allows you to use those resources on buildings sooner, which is what a lot of clashers like to do. Builder potion can also make it easier to reduce the number of wars you have a hero upgrading for provided you war back to back.

Are Hammers worth it COC?

Hammers of fighting & spells: These are very often the best, because they save you both the resource and time cost of the upgrade. … Hammers can also be used to upgrade dark elixir troops, potentially saving you a much more scarce resource, and therefore a lot of farming time.

Can you stack builder boost?

Yes, they stack. I used 3 builder potion together and they boosted my builders for 3 hrs.

Does Book of fighting upgrade heroes?

Does the book of fighting work on heroes? Book of fighting only helps you to instantly finish troop upgrade in your lab.

Does Hammer of building work on town halls?

Hammer of building always has and still does work on town hall. You must meet the following: have a hammer of building. have placed all your buildings for your town hall level.

Can book of building be used on gear up?

Of course you can. A Book of Building works on any building on any job. Using a Book of Building for the 14 day MultiMortar gear up was a no-brainer for me, but others may have other thoughts on the matter. Yes, you can.

Do builder potions speed up hero upgrades?

So if you are working on 3 heroes, each builder potion cuts 27 hours from your hero upgrades. If you use 5.5 builder potions, that decreases the time by 148.5 hours which is more than what the hammer of heroes give. In addition, it also decreases the time of 2 defense structures by 99 hours.

How much does a builder potion help?

The Builder Potion boosts the player’s Builders in the Home Village for 1 hour. All Builders will work ten times as fast as normal, each one gaining a total of 9 hours.

Does Book of building work on Town Hall?

The Town Hall is considered a building, which means yes.