How Does Mary React When Coming Home To Her Husband’S Body?

How does Mary react when coming home to her husband’s body lamb to the slaughter?

She pretends she is very upset.

She literally is upset and shocked and even feels love for him.

She feels indifferent (that is, she couldn’t care less).

She feels guilty and forgives him completely for being unfaithful..

How do you know that Mary is happiest in her husband’s presence?

How do you know that Mary Maloney is happiest when in her husband’s presence? She loves the way he sits in a chair, the way he comes in a door, moves across a room, the intent far look in his eyes, the shape of his mouth, and his silence.

What happens to upset Mary?

She is contented with her life and does all that she can to be a good wife to her husband, eagerly awaiting his homecoming after work every day.

What role is Mary playing at the grocery store?

Mary goes to the grocery story mainly to establish an alibi. She knows that she can’t have been present in the house when Patrick was killed because she would have heard something.

How does Mary feel about her husband?

At the beginning of “Lamb to the Slaughter,” Mary Maloney is described as luxuriating in the presence of her husband, like a sunbather worshipping the sun. … Mary does not love her husband as a man: she worships him as a god.

What do you think it was that Patrick told his wife?

What do you think it was that Patrick told his wife and why do you think so? He was leaving her or wants a divorce. Because he tells her “Of course I’ll give you money and see you’re looked after.”

Why does Mary go ahead and make supper after all?

Mary provided the meal for the policemen for two reasons: to show that she had been preparing a meal for her husband which was part of her alibi; and to get rid of the weapon so that nothing could ever be proven about her killing her husband.

What can we infer that Patrick tells her?

Since Dahl never tells the exact details of their conversation, what can readers infer that Patrick tells Mary? Readers can infer that Patrick tells Mary he is seeing another woman. Patrick appears to be irritated throughout the entire story despite Mary’s attempts to cater to his every need.

Why does Mary kill her husband?

Mary kills Patrick because he is leaving her, even though she is six-months pregnant with their child.

What is Mary’s reaction to killing her husband?

In a daze, she goes down to get meat for dinner, and before she even realizes what she has done, she bashes her husband over the head with the frozen leg of lamb. The reason is her shock and dismay at a man who she loved so dearly betraying her and leaving her and her baby to fend for themselves in the world.

What is the bad news that Patrick gives Mary?

Notice Patrick reiterates almost apologetically that it’s ‘kind of a bad time to be telling’ Mary whatever he has just told her. Here, he is referring to giving Mary bad news while she is pregnant with their unborn child.

Why did Mary kill Patrick with a leg of lamb?

In Lamb to the Slaughter, Mary kills Patrick with a leg of lamb because it was the first weapon at hand when her hurt and rage over his betrayal…

Is Mary guilty or innocent?

Mary Maloney is guilty of the murder only : she killed Patrick so she must be punished. Committing this murder, she probably wasted her life.

What did Mary’s husband tell her?

Answer: Explanation: Mary Maloney’s husband tells her that he will take care of the child that she is carrying, to which she understood that he has been having an affair. She did not say much just that she will be preparing the dinner but later on she did hit his head with the frozen leg of the lamb.

What kind of person is Mary Maloney?

The story’s protagonist, Mary Maloney is the wife of Patrick Maloney, a detective. A happy and devoted housewife who is six months pregnant with her first child, Mary spends much of her time caring for and thinking about her husband while attending to domestic tasks such as cooking and sewing.